Movie Worth…No Words

May 10, 2009 at 9:30 PM (Uncategorized)

After much consideration, and thought and conflict between what I should do for my final project, I finally thought of something worth doing. While thinking, what do I know that I can teach people that will be interesting, and not put them to sleep. In the end, it all boiled down to poker. It’s a simple game, that has so many different layers to it that people often never think about unless you are a true poker player at heart. How will I display and teach a newbie the game of poker? A silent movie of course, what better way? Commericials, gimmicks, and all those other things never appealed to me, and I am a quiet person, so why not make a silent movie.
It made perfect sense on so many levels, I play poker online for real money, I won’t say how much, but spend plenty of time playing poker during the week. When I met my girlfriend a year ago, she never played poker before , but wanted to learn understanding it was one of my passions. In the same manner that I taught her,, as far as the basics and fundamentals when she learned, I plan to use in my silent video. I won’t get into the mathamatics and strategies of it, but only teach you how the game works. The basics, which consist of the flop, turn, and river. The bet, the ante, the pot, how to check, and who goes when. I’ll keep it simple, so you can teach yo momma how to play and steal her peanuts. (Not Really)


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The Audience

April 26, 2009 at 11:43 PM (Uncategorized)

While thinking of a topic and after listening to everybodys project, it is evident that the audience is a huge part of writing a blog or doing a project. In order for you to get your point across in an effect way, you need to know who you are targeting. You wouldn’t want to write a how to book about how to build a house where only a person in construction would understand it, and sell it as a self starter kit. It was not be succesful and would not get any rave reviews. What you would want to do in that scenerio is write something that a baby would understand, in order to make it simple for someone who was just starting out would understand and grasp the basic concept.

While thinking about this I did some research to find some examples of targeting an audience and putting out some information. I thought to myself, what interests me, and the obvious was sports. First I checked out ESPN ( and thought to myself what type of audience they are writing for. I love basketball and follow it as much as I possibly can, and the way they give out information would be pretty much to the basic fan so that they know the news, scores and top stories in sports. This makes it easier to follow and is a well known show and website for any sports fan.

Now to a die-hard fan who follows sports and basketball religiously may want to go elsewhere, where they give more behind the scenes and search for rumors. One spot where a few fans may know is hoops world ( It is a similiar lay out but less unknown and is just about basketball. They also have a group of there own writers who write the latest basketball rumors and news as it comes out. Not only do they write the main news but also rumors the average fan wouldn’t care about.

This is an example of two different sites catering towards to same thing, but to a different audience. Depending on the topic and depth, it can change a lot.

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Midterm Project – The Tilt

March 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM (Uncategorized)

Image By Dwells4Life


The AT&T Tilt is not a relatively new phone, but is one of the more used and respected phones on the market today. The AT&T Tilt brings two of the most innovative features that phones have to offer today together in one phone, a qwerty keyboard and an easy to use touch screen. For a new user buying there first phone or someone older who is not very tech savvy, this is definitely not the phone for you. With so many features, many of them go untouched, not because there bad but because the user has no way of knowing them, well besides reading the manual.

I own this phone, and bought it maybe a little less than a year ago, and was one of the first few people that I hung out with that had a touch screen. At first when I opened up the box I immediately started touching all the options and going through it, without a clue to what I was doing. Within a week, I wasn’t doing anything special with it that I wouldn’t be able to do with a regular phone. Why? I had never opened up the manual. Often times when we purchase new equipment or anything, if your like me you automatically think you know everything it does and you don’t need to read the manual. Yet, I was proven wrong, when I opened up the manual. There were things on my phone that I had no idea did, but I found out how helpful these things were. Shortcuts, special keys, so many things that without the manual I wouldn’t know about.

The AT&T site has the PDF file which can be found at Here you can see the manual, but in a shorter, more broken down view of it. If i had the chance to I would have looked here and this website first, rather than the hardcopy of the manual. Even someone who is not as tech savvy as me would agree, since there are more images available and it is easier to follow along with. Though it may seem like something little, people would more likely choose to scroll down on a website with there phone out, than try to turn through pages and keep it open while looking at there phone. It just seems like a more user friendly way to get people to read the manual and use the phone in its proper context.

If scrolling down and turning pages isn’t your style, than maybe a video would help? At, youtube offers a video on a tutorial for the AT&T Tilt. Even though there are many different videos that even compare the AT&T Tilt to similar phones, this video is more of a tutorial than anything else. The hard copy manual is good for quick reference right out the box, and gives you a sense of what you are trying to do in a basic format. Once you understand the basic concepts of how the phone works than the website PDF file for the phone can help you with any questions you might have in an easier format, which would help you understand things you may have looked over and missed, or not seen all together. These two tools will help you get a lot out of your phone, but some people may find it hard to relate images to what they are trying to accomplish. The last link I left, shows a video, which would definitaly clear up anything you may have left to the imagination. Seeing someone actually using the phone and doing the things that you are trying to do is the best way you can learn about it, except AT&T actually sending someone to your house and showing you how to use it personally. When learning anything, whether it be how to use software or even how to make your tie, seeing someone else doing it and doing what they do has always been the best way to learn something in my opinion.

In conclusion I found that the best source of information actually came off the PDF file on the website. The manual itself was helpful when you get it right out of the box, and the video was nice if you needed to know something very specific, but the PDF gave me the most information for what I needed. I could scroll down to see different topics at my pace and the images were very helpful. The manual itself can be filled with information you don’t need or want to know, and the video you would have to scroll through the video to see something in particular. The PDF file allows you to go at your own speed and find whatever it is that you need to find at your pace, right at the comfort of your house, or if you can The Tilt, you can just check it right off your phone.

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And Now Presenting ..

February 25, 2009 at 1:08 PM (Uncategorized)

The group’s visual layout seemed good, they had some good picture up and links which helped get a sense of what they were talking about. They did not have anything for collective action which would leave other people maybe a little confused. They were pretty clear about getting there point across in terms of how gamers get help to get to the next level in a game.

The group seemed to lose focus a few times and sometime got caught up in being repetitive when it came to making a point. They made eye contact with the audience for the most part and tried to keep there attention. There only weakness is that they seemed to be a tad under prepared for the presentation and at times got lost in what they were saying.

There layout for the page seemed pretty good, they gave links to there website and shots of the page. Overall I think they made there point and showed good resources in what they were trying to do.

They communicated to the audience pretty well and kept it short and simple. They were not repetitive when they were bringing up topics on sharing and so on. They did a good job on getting there point across.

I believe the layout that we had supplied the users with an understanding of what we were trying to get across and maybe open up some people’s eyes to the way things are being shared. We maybe could have done more into depth explaining torrents for people who were not familiar with this kind of technology.

The oral presentation was focused on keeping things short and simple and straight to the point. We did not want to confuse the users and audience with terms they would not understand but keep it simple and open up for the forum for a Q & A, which I think helped everyone understand things much better.

This group had a good web layout and kept everything easy to navigate, they even showed that you can just go to the site and begin watching the movies.

I had troubling watching what they were doing and sometimes understanding them because for most of the presentation they had there backs turned to the majority of the audience and in the way of the screen. Other than that they had a solid presentation.

I think they had a solid layout of the things that they were trying to say, and kept it to the point and gave good examples of everything.

They kept the audiences attention throughout the presentation, and did a good job relaying the information to everybody.

This group had a lot of good links to there sites and a bunch of good screen shots to illustrate the point they were trying to get across.

This group did a decent job getting there point across about what they were trying to present. They did a good job trying to keep the audiences attention and making sure people were listening and getting into the presentation.

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And The Winner Is ..

February 25, 2009 at 11:07 AM (Uncategorized)

On Monday we saw 5 groups go up and present there ideas to a company about certain topics , based on sharing, cooperation and collective action. Some did better than others, but all in all everyone did a solid job.

If I had to hire one to group, I would have chosen group 5. I liked there approach to the presentation, it was very professional and they brought up some good topics and solid points. They worked well as a team and when putting together a group for a company you need solid ideas and a team effort.

Nice job everyone.

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The Effect Of Clay Shirky

February 22, 2009 at 2:17 PM (Uncategorized)

Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky has been filled with valuable information and deep insight about the way people live there lives and the things that tie us all together. Below are quotes from the first seven chapters that stood out in my mind , and what ties all of those quotes together.

Chapter 1 – “When we change the way we communicate, we change society” (p. 17)

Chapter 2 – “We now have communications tools-and increasingly, social paterns that make use of those tools-that are a better fit for our native desires and talents for group effort.” (p. 48)

Chapter 3 – “An individual with a cmaera or a keyboard is now a non-profit of one, and self-publishing is now the normal case.” (p. 77)

Chapter 4 – “Now that our communications technology is changing, the distinctions amoung those patterns of communication are evaporating; what was once a sharp break between two styles of communicating is becoming a smooth transtition.” (p. 87)

Chapter 5 – “When people care enough, they can come together and accomplish things of a scope and longevity that were previously impossible…” (p. 142)

Chapter 6 – “The old limits on sharing information were the first thing to change. This change is essential..” (p 148)

Chapter 7 – “Just as social tools are creating members of the former audience, they are creating loegions of former consumers..” (p. 179)

To this point the main idea behind Here Comes Everybody is the way technology has been changing at such a rapid pace and the effects it has had on not only the way individuals use it but the way it is molding the world’s culture as a whole and the way we live our lives. You can actually see somewhat of a timeline in the quotes I’ve shown you to how things have evolved over the time Shirky has explained his theories in the book. It started with “When we change the way we communicate, we change society” (p. 17), to “Just as social tools are creating members of the former audience, they are creating loegions of former consumers..” (p. 179). All these quotes tie in how information is being shared in a public platform in a major way never used before. We are only at chapter 7 and I am eager to see where this leads us to by the final chapter.

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A Must Have So We Must Add

February 9, 2009 at 12:06 AM (Uncategorized)

Before signing up for this course I had the assumption this would be one of those english classes where you take 3 pages of notes on how to write, and hand in a bunch of papers about topic that don’t interest you, but only because they meet your professors’ standards. To my suprised delight, this class offers much more than that. The topics we have written about thus far are relevevant to our lives and things that interest the majority of us. These are things that are kids will be using and talking about for times to come. One thing I often check to see the latest in what’s new in the field of technology is It has regular updates and is a guide to the newest technology to hit the market and where to find it. I find it a very useful source of information when trying to keep up with the latest trends.

Everyone in our class should add this to there site not only because it is a fun site to see whats new but it is very knowedgable and will keep you constantly in the know. Theres nothing like starting a conversation with a hot girl about the latest gadgets. Well, not really, but it’s still cool.

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Changing the Way We Write

February 2, 2009 at 3:48 AM (Uncategorized)

Reading Technologies to Watch in the Horizon Report opened up my eyes to the new and emerging technologies taking the forefront in education today.  Some of which, I had no idea existed and did not even know about, and I’m a CIS major. 

Mobile devices are now becoming more and more of a tool for students to use and the way we write and go about our papers, notes, and study habits.  If I wanted I can actually read the Horizon Report while I’m waiting in line at Subway for a sandwich or just bored at work.  I don’t need any papers or computer to log on and get the info I need now. 

If I wanted to make notes I don’t need to wait to get home and open up Microsoft Word,  because I have Microsoft Word on my phone. I can actually start writing this blog while reading it all on my cell phone, which until this very moment I kind of took for granted.  Need a spreadsheet for accounting? I just open up Excel and start while I’m sitting in the park on my phone.

The mobile phone is definitaly changing the way students and people go about there business.  It makes it that much easier to access the information we need on a daily basis, at the drop of a dime.  There are no longer excuses to use on why I cannot research or do my work, which makes me a better student at the end of the day.  This technology will change the world and the way we do things, and though it seems now that we are reaching our peak, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

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